The STEM community will provide students with a curriculum focused towards discipline in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  Students will take Pre-Advanced Placement and  Advanced Placement courses, as well as have an opportunity to  receive career themes information, project based instruction,      challenging real world experiences in the form of internships and innovative learning opportunities. Students participating in this community will have the opportunity to earn a STEM endorsement from the state of Texas.


Ball Prep @ Ball High 

Galveston, Texas

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Biomedical & STEM Community Vision Statement: 

"Preparing all students to be College Ready, Career Ready, and Life Ready"

Biomedical & STEM Mission Statement:

To provide all students with an academically rigorous and well rounded curriculum integrating rich experiences that prepare and endorse a college bound culture and career decisions that promote the STEM fields.

A T-STEM Designated Campus

Ball High Communities

Galveston Ball High is home to the only synthetic cadaver in the greater Houston area! Students in our BioMed Community will get a hands-on experience at learning that normally happens in medical school! 


Students participating in this community will be exposed to curriculum and careers related to science, with an emphasis in health care, bioscience and medical engineering.  The biomedical engineering community is specifically tailored to prepared students for college entry to further their education in the medical sciences.  Students that take Pre-Advanced Placement and Advanced Placement courses receive career themed information, project based classroom instruction, challenging real world experiences with internship opportunities at UT Medical Branch and innovative learning opportunities.  Students participating in this community will have the opportunity to earn a STEM and Public Service endorsement s from the state of Texas.