In order to establish and maintain a strong quality program, the following guidelines have been established for the STEM and Biomedical Science - Health Professions students.  It is our desire to provide our students with a rigorous, college preparatory education through an accelerated curriculum, exceptional instructional practices, and collaborative community experiences that promote an increase and interest in student learning, achievement, and academic excellence in science, technology, engineering and mathematics instruction.

 Section I-STUDENT

GISD expects all students to participate fully and to contribute positively to the school and program’s success. To ensure that all students and their families understand the expectations and their responsibilities, each STEM and Biomedical - Health Professions community student agrees to the following:

1. Support the culture of respect, integrity, trust and responsibility, and personal expectations which come with the privilege of being a STEM and/or Biomedical;
2. Ensure a 97% attendance rate in academic classes, advisory period and required school tutorial time;
3. Report for class ready for instruction with the appropriate instructional materials;
4. Maintain at least an “80” average in each course each grading period;
5. Attend required College Prep-tutoring sessions if a course grade falls below an “80” average;
6. Participate in at least one school-approved community service-project;
7. Complete an original research/project judged by a panel of professionals in the field that is the focus of the project;
8. Give his/her best effort and ask questions when he/she does not understand;
9. Interact respectfully with all other Magnet community members of Ball HS (students, teachers, staff, parents, community members, and administration) on campus and in the community;
10. Follow the GISD Code of Conduct  Ball High School Student Handbook;
11. Actively participate in class and fulfill assigned class work and homework requirements and expectations;
12. Be a positive and active participant in all aspects of the Magnet community including, but not limited to, field trips, academic counseling, group discussions, projects, testing, and all other instruction or activities presented by the Community staff;
13. Commit to at least the first full academic year;
14. Understand that if class time and work are missed, the student is still responsible for assignments.


The school will assume the following responsibilities:

1. Provide a learning environment of high expectations for student success and conducive to educational achievement;
2. Offer accelerated, diverse and rigorous educational curriculum and experiences;
3. Provide curriculum opportunities that satisfy the Texas Distinguished Graduation Plan requirements;
4. Provide opportunities to challenge students with integrated technologies and well designed problem-based learning experiences;
5. Provide experiences that utilize current technology and opportunities for student use;
6. Evaluate student progress and notify parents at regular intervals;
7. Provide opportunities for independent and/or group research experiences;
8. Provide appropriate support interventions to assist in student academic success; and
9. Maintain communication with parents and provide opportunities for parental involvement.


The parent/guardian will assume the following responsibilities:

 1. Promote and support the staff, programs, and policies of the Magnet community and Ball High School, and work cooperatively with the staff;
2. Ensure that my student maintains at least a 97% attendance rate, arrives on time to school and is ready for instruction;
3. Actively oversee my student’s academic work on a daily basis and encourage my child to give his/her best effort;
4. Support my student in required after school or weekend tutoring sessions should he/she not meet academic expectations and provide transportation to and from this additional instructional opportunity;
5. Participate in all parent conferences and attend parent meetings; and
6. Contribute a minimum of 10 volunteer hours per family during the 2016-2017 school year.